Flavourful, fragrant, fresh. Our new health-smart Power Bowls and Salad Bowls are always made-to-order with the highest quality ingredients. With 3 savoury new sauces to choose from, each bowl brings something uniquely delicious.

Power Bowls

Byblos Power Bowl

In homage to its Lebanese roots, this bowl combines traditional fattouche salad with Bourghul Pilaf and topped with a beet roots salad, roasted mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, pickles, marinated turnip sticks and your choice of your favourite Boustan protein.

Boustan Power Bowl

Our signature bowl made with our infamous
Boustan potatoes and fluffy omelette and a mix of lettuce, baby spinach, tomatoes, roasted mushrooms and zesty avocado salad.

Salad Bowls

Wild Blueberry Fattouche Salad Bowl

Traditional fattouche salad with freshly cut romaine lettuce, baby spinach, rainbow bell peppers, radish, red onions, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, fresh mint leaves and chopped parsley, seasoned with fine herbs, sumac and lemon dressing. Topped with wild blueberries, crispy pitas and pickled turnip sticks.

Roasted Cauliflower Salad Bowl

Oven roasted zesty cauliflower, mixed with greens, rainbow chickpeas and topped with pickled turnip sticks and wild blueberries.

Kick up the flavour!

3 delicious new sauces, 3 new delicious new ways to experience Boustan’s authentic Lebanese. Add them to any plate, pita, or to one of our new Power Bowls or Salad bowls to experience a delicious new taste of the Mediterranean you’ll keep coming back for!

Mango Tahini

A perfect balance of sweetness from mangos with the tanginess of tahini sauce taking you on a Mediterranean journey.

Tahini Harra

Old world meets new world with this sauce reminiscent of typical middle eastern tahini flavours combined with trending spiciness of trending southwest flavours.


Middle eastern and South American flavours combine to deliver a journey around the world delivering a lightly spicy sauce with the notes of fresh herbs.