true Lebanese cuisine

Fast casual restaurant, true Lebanese taste with modern local twist

Your first visit will be the first of many. Let your senses guide you to the delectable flavours of the Mediterranean. Only at Boustan will you feel as though you are eating homemade Middle Eastern food- accessible, convenient and nutritious. 

Since 1986, Boustan has been a staple and an important part of downtown Montreal’s food scene. Offering delicious, authentic Lebanese food at convenient times and accessible prices, Boustan has become a household name, preserving its reputation for superb service, fresh ingredients, and mouth-watering plates, with both veggie and meat options. Now with over 60 locations in Quebec and Ontario, Boustan is one of the fastest growing franchises in Canada!

Helping our communities

Each Boustan has always been committed to their community, helping them throughout the years in different ways.

caring for our environment

We’ve taken tremendous measures to becoming a green restaurant. Starting from our packaging and all the way to sourcing our products locally.