Helping Our Communities

We’re big on giving back, and when we say big, we mean it!

We have partnered with Lakeshore Hospital, consistently contributing to their events and galas, ensuring they receive the support they need.

Children hold a special place in the heart of our president, Mr. Emad Saad, so one of our significant partners is Mission Inclusion. He ensures that Boustan sponsors their annual events and signs a yearly deal where proceeds from our Kids’ menu go towards helping the less fortunate.

Ste. Justine also has a special significance for us. Each holiday season, a portion of the revenues from our Party Paks is donated to them.

Local Contribution

You may be familiar with Boustan’s initiatives over the past couple of years, such as serving dinner at La Maison Du Père. In 2023, Boustan organized a meal-giving day in collaboration with Mission Bon Accueil on December 21st. Giving back has never been more fulfilling.

Global Contribution

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